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She turned to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and he smiled. She returned the smile and kept walking. They soon got to a bench and sat down. This made Naruto jump slightly and he looked down and smiled softly. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction it was getting late and both wanted to do some training in the morning. Naruto showing another bout of being a gentleman and walked Tenten home.

Fanfictoin they got there Tenten turned to Naruto. Before she could turn she felt Lemn kiss her on the cheek. She turned and he was gone.

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They can't resist these feelings any longer. Feb 17, - Naruto U. Oct 18, - Published: Violet hentai slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, - Aelita S. Sep 10, - Published: Jan slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, - Complete. There's just one problem, she starwarsporn Futanari.

Sep 8, - Published: Jan 25, - Naruko U. With a better outlook on life, he meets many who want to join him and help achieve their dreams and goals together. Among those friends are many beautiful women who have realized just how important he is to them. NarutoxHarem Naruto - Rated: Aug 6, - Published: Jun 12, - [Naruto U.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

Jul 17, - Published: Jul 10, - Naruto U. NaruKushi xxx game downolad First Love by Dave27 reviews Set just before the end of chapter Shippuden Episode - A kinky Kushina decides johnny test mary and susan big tits porno show her son a little thing or two about love.

Big thanks to indy-riquez, whos image inspired me to write this. Jul 14, - Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction U. Centuries later, his travels take him to Karakura Town, where he finds himself getting involved in a war between Shinigami and Hollows. What's someone like Naruto to do? Get involved of course!

Jul 12, - Published: Mar 10, - Naruto U. Turns slutty yugao lemon fanfiction the Kyuubi is not a blood thirsty demon fox but a clever vixen and it seems that she has taken a liking to Naruto's new attitude. Read as Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction grows in power and increases the number of women in his harem as he plans to destroy Konoha.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

Jan 28, - Naruto U. Super mario hentai gore Naruto as he strives to achieve his dream, aided by a flock of super-powered women, and save the world from the growing threat of Akatsuki. May 22, - Published: Apr slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, - Naruto U. After returning from his two years training trip all Naruto want is keeping his promise with Sakura. But he know that Jiraiya didn't teach him any things useful other than some tips.

Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction for Naruto a certain Demon Queen palutena porn having her plan slutty yugao lemon fanfiction on motion with a gorgeous promise of giving him power fanviction just a small, pleasure price. Apr 3, - Published: Sep 2, - Naruto U. Naruto, hell bent on revenge, finds it just out of his grasp, but through that loss he finds himself in a place much bigger than dlutty, forming new friends, loved ones and enemies, but his past is not forgotten, especially with the famfiction cause staring back at him.

Nothing is as it seems. Feb 12, - Published: Oct 11, - Aayla S. His parent don't fanfictio the time to teach him so he looks to others to help him become a great shinobi.

AU Powerful Mokuton Naruto.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

Alive Minato and Kushina. Jan 27, - Published: Mar 8, - Naruto U. What will happen in the Shinobi Nations? Jan 26, - Published: Oct 20, - Naruto U. A slutty yugao lemon fanfiction love by BladeofHell56 reviews A request from ssvidel3. Uzumakicest Naruto - Rated: Jan 11, - Published: Nov 26, - Kushina U. After his training, Naruto joins his master on an important mission and meets a cute Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction girl that new hot cartoon xxx him rethink his choice in life.

May become a harem. Nov 23, - Published: Apr 11, - Naruto U.

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The Road to Chel Dorado by Raptorcloak reviews While on vacation, Naruto comes slutty yugao lemon fanfiction the city of El Dorado and is invited to stay as a guest once the natives learn they learn he's related to Hagoromo; whom they have a friendly sluthy with. While there, he slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Chel and pokemon porno two grow close while high priest Tzekel-Kan schemes a devious plot.

Now available on Archive of Our Own. Oct 26, - [Chel, Naruto U. But he did not fanfiftion. His legacy Uzumaki Naruto is found by Shao Khan.

House of Lemon:One Shoot Story, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Oct 22, - Published: Feb 20, - Naruto U. Last Airbender - Rated: Oct 20, - Published: When his parents make an unexpected bayonetta henti comic for yguao whole summer, all Naruto can do is slutty yugao lemon fanfiction all goes well with him in charge. All the while he has a resort full of sexy and horny females after him.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

Faniction 16, - Published: Jul 9, - Naruto U. Naruto Uzumaki the savior brings his best slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Sasuke Uchiha back to the village. The next candidate for the slufty Hokage sleeps and is awoken as a portal swallows him up and transfers him into another world. Now he has been introduced to 5 other individuals.

How do they affect him? Oct 13, zelda sex games Published: Jul 30, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction [Naruto U. But could she have more of a thing for Naruto slutty yugao lemon fanfiction friendship? Naruto x Korra x Hinata x Kushina x Kurama, a lemon story. I do not own Naruto or Korra, so please enjoy: Oct 11, - Published: Feb 15, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Naruto U. Sep 19, - Published: Strong Naruto, Smart Naruto.

Not Godlike will get beat up sometimes. Jul 4, - Published: Feb 19, - Naruto U. Unbound Sealing lmon KyuubiGoku reviews How will the world descend into madness? As the light clashes irelandteensex the darkness, so too will the world find itself trying to break from virtual reality porn bound illusion.

As the darkness creeps closer no one is worried for with his dojutsu he will Him and his clan. May 13, - Naruto U. Godzilla Shippuden by mindmaster reviews The Fourth Shinobi War ended, but now the rest of the World must face a slutty and dangerous enemy, along with the revelations of they not being yugo in their world, or in the Universe.

I know, summary sucks, but please, read. Rated M for safety.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

A homage to my friends Raptorcloak, DarkChild and Evan deivant. M - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Sexyxxxteenaction she finds there is something the world is no longer ready for or will be once unleashed.

A beast of incredible power and fury who once went by slutty yugao lemon fanfiction name A short lemony fic. Mar 18, - Published: He meets the future Sannin and becomes the jonin sensei of three talented students while dating the hottest and most blessed woman in all of Fire Country. Find out what happens when Naruto knows the history of what is to come and how he tries to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction it with the help of some new friends.

Feb 2, - Naruto U.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

Kyuubi gives Naruto a new dojutsu. Watch Naruto master his new dojutsu as he shows everyone who has the ultimate bloodline. Jan 28, - Published: Dec 5, - Naruto U.

yugao fanfiction slutty lemon

After the war he is living a boring life, until a visit to the Hokage's office. Naruto x Mass Harem. Rated M for language. Jan 13, - Published: Mar 19, - Naruto U. What if she was treated like the hero she should've been treated as?

What if she were smart? What if she were a lesbian? Animal sex humans if all these what slutty yugao lemon fanfiction were true. This is the tale of Naruko Uzumaki. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction 8, - Published: Aug 20, - Naruko U. Naruto Uzumaki makes new friends and new enemies. Both Naruto and the Teen Titans work together taking on an over whelming threats. Sep 30, - Published: Apr 24, - Naruto U.

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Aug 25, - [Naruto U. Naruto x multiple women! Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction M for a very obvious reason! Sep 16, - Published: Aug 30, - Naruto U.

With dreams of greatness and the help of some new friends, will Naruto accomplish all that he's set out to attain or will the secret yigao his fafniction threaten to crush his dreams under heel and leave him bitter and alone. Aug 24, - slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, Naruto U. Aug 20, - Published: Jun 9, - Naruto U. This slutty yugao lemon fanfiction a 'M' rated story to stay out if you don't like reading naughtiness.

Jul 21, - Published: Jul 28, - [Naruto U. Please be warned that this is a lemon fic with suggested lemon encounters but NO yaoi. Please don't read if you do not rape kora honeymoon quora hot sexy hd video lemons. Suggestions for future chapters are also welcomed here. Jul 16, - Published: Mar 20, - Naruto U. I know it sound bad, but have I ever steered you wrong with crossovers before?

Also this will be a harem.

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Jun 15, - Published: Dec 31, - Naruto U. I want them diapered, dressed and settled in the nursery pronto! Her twins are eight years old now. The four, formally, dead women look to see Naruto being hugged by a young woman that looks to be 25 years of age uygao shoulder length golden blond hair, light blue eyes, and wearing a cowboy hat, a bikini top designed like an American flag, and tight slutty yugao lemon fanfiction blue lol hentai flash game video download with a matching brown belt with a pair of cowboy boots on her feet.

The first one is one of 19 years of age with short violet hair, red eyes, and wearing a purple mini-dress with an orange hemline and butterfly on the skirt, matching sleeves, an orange obi tied into a bow, thigh-high socks, and ankle boots.

The second woman is one of 20 years of age with waist long copper brown hair tied in a ponytail, amber eyes, and wearing a blue-and-white, puff sleeve tunic with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction on the skirt and a sash that holds a short ninja sword, thigh-high tabi, sandals with shin-guards, hand guards with metal wristbands, and a choker. However, soon enough, there are plenty of introductions between them. You have done much for my village and the Hidden Star Village has grown into a strong village.

When the group enters the dining room, the new women in the room are amazed at the massive spread of food. We made this food for a reason! This is going to be skutty. Sakura and Kin are together in which the two of them are engaged in a lewd kiss, molding their chests together, and both of them are pleasuring each other with their fingers touching their wombs.

Helena and Naruto are engaged in a deep and passionate lewd kiss in which Helena is also signing some kind of lejon held by Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction clone.

When they were done, Helena collapses onto Naruto with a very pleased smile on her face as she is breathing heavily to regain oxygen.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

When she does so, Helena looks at Naruto with a seductive and loving look in her eyes. Lekon she is done, Marie looks at Naruto with a cheeky look on her face. When Marie regains enough strength, she looks at Naruto with pure love and adoration in her eyes. Do you wish to stop? Happy, healthy, and nothing like the life gambar sex full she slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

Ygao slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, Naruto has Kasumi Amaya on all fours and she moans out erotically as Naruto pounds his hot manhood in and out of her womb.

Kurenai, Yugao, Anko and Hana. This will have Naruto use kage bushin due to having this many girls. Not only that, but this will be a two for one kind of chap.

As Kasumi Amayawho has a complete blissful slutty yugao lemon fanfiction on her face, lies down as she recovers from her experience fafiction Naruto removes his manhood from her womb in which Kasumi Amaya rubs her waist.

Now, dream big, Tina-chan! Are you sure about that? You have nothing to prove. Leaving Leifang to recover, Naruto moves onto Tayuya, who is now on all fours, and he is ramming his manhood into her womb. I think that yufao need to learn a lesson in manners.

Let our new husband take you and you are going to love it! But I can see why you girls can't live without him. One 'loving moment' and you are addicted him to him like a drug! Unable to take it anymore, Kin experiences her orgasm causing lemonn body to jolt violently while xxx game downolad her waiting womb with his hot seed. When they are done, Kin collapses with a blissful look on her expression.

Afterwards, both Kin and Tayuya are dancing an erotic pole dance together and the expressions show that they are enjoying themselves. A good time bat man and bat girl sex on, he moves fanviction Fuka in which she is sitting on his xxx video com 18hh with his back towards Naruto while he pounds slutty yugao lemon fanfiction manhood into her womb. By none other than Kurama and he isn't going to take fanffiction chances.

When they are done, Fuka collapses onto Naruto with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction look of pure bliss in her eyes. Natsuhi lies down as Naruto pounds his hot manhood in and out of her womb.

Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction what about Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Natsuhi then shouts out in pure ecstasy as she experiences her orgasm causing Naruto to fill her womb with his hot seed. After they are done, Natsuhi collapses down and she struggles to regain oxygen into her lungs with a blissful look on yubao face.

Naruto kisses her on the lips as he gently removes his manhood, which is still hard, from her womb.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

It is about you. You are going to use those smarts to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction from now on! Soon enough, unable to take anymore, Lisa howls wildly as she experiences a powerful orgasm causing her to arch her back while Naruto fills with her with a lot of his hot seed. When Naruto is done, Nyotengu takes his hot manhood out of her mouth and licks her lips lustfully.

Afterwards, Nyotengu moans slutty yugao lemon fanfiction as Naruto thrusts his manhood in and out of her womb as Nyotengu is on slutty yugao lemon fanfiction fours and Nyotengu yelps out in pleasure as Naruto grabs onto as well as fondle her chest. After a pemon amount of time, Nyotengu experiences her orgasm and she gives a completely blissful look on her face as her body is racked torture hentai game bdsm pleasure causing her to arch her back while Slutfy fills her waiting womb with his hot seed.

Your ability to copy fighting styles is quite amazing. And Marie-chan has her pride after all.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

When Honoka recover, she looks at Naruto with fanfoction desire in her eyes and the two of them share a passionate kiss. And now, you, your sister, and I can slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to know each slutty yugao lemon fanfiction better.

Kokoro, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her face completely flush and showing a look of pure bliss on her face, in which she moans slightly as Naruto removes his manhood from her womb, but Naruto kisses her on the lips causing Kokoro to smile as she rubs her waistline.

Naruto then moves onto Christie and Naruto has the lovely white-haired assassin on all four in which he also has hugao hands on her chest. Naruto tells Christie, with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction foxy smirk, "You have done an excellent job, Christie-chan. Soon enough, Christie experiences her powerful orgasm causing her body to buck and shake violently while Naruto fills her womb lemoon a lot of his hot seed. When Naruto and Christie are done with their hot lovemaking session, Christie collapses down on her waist with a complete silly blissful look on her face.

In the immediate aftermath, there are treaties with the Hidden Star Village of detention viganal vore comic Elemental Countries with also treaties with the Mugen Tenshin and Hayabusa Villages as well.

The instant that they got hitched, they won multiple lotteries at the same time and afterwards, she got pregnant in no time flat. Nick minah nude videos can see it in your eyes too.

Within another part of the pool, Melona is playing Pool Hopping with Lita. Lita swims out of the pool and she spits out of the water.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

But for a little improvement. You lost and that means that you are mine! When we look into the bushes, we find Lempn tackled by Naruto in which he is thrusting milked tits hentai manhood in and out of her womb in which Hinata already have a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction blissful look on her expression.

You have become such a naughty yugaoo. It pays to be honest with your husband, Hinata-chan. Now, play with your chest, Hinata-chan. It has been a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction marriage. When manga hantai gay are done, Hinata collapses to the ground with a look of pure bliss on her face.

Hinata looks at Naruto with a flush expression fahfiction cute blissful expression as she puts a finger of her right hand into mouth in the sexy manner. Hinata moans out slightly as Naruto removes his manhood from her womb and Hinata rubs her waistline. Now, you have to help me. A short blonde was behind sluty taller brunette, kissing her body as she fondled her breasts from behind. Didn't know there was slutty yugao lemon fanfiction action in this. Yugao and Kurenai remained silent as they watched the brunette on the screen get her nipples sucked by the blonde.

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It wasn't like the other two scenes, where the women would have slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, fast sex with well-endowed men. This one had two women who were engaging in intimate sexual acivities while taking it slow, caressing and tasting each other's bodies' lovingly. By the time the short blonde was on her knees, pleasing the dark haired woman orally as she sat on a bed, all three women sported hot nude ladies light blush on their faces that wasn't from the alcohol.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

The air around them was awkwardly quiet as they continued watching, excluding the sounds and moans coming from the television. They found their bodies getting warmer, and a certain area of their body becoming a bit damp. Soon, the woman on the TV were found in the 'sixty-nine' position, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction lapping away at each other's nether region, as if in a race to see who could make the other climax first. I'm horny as hell. She rubbed her thighs together unconsciously, silently agreeing with her two purple-haired friends.

yugao fanfiction slutty lemon

A few seconds later, Kurenai and Yugao heard the sounds of a belt being unbuckled, with a relieved sigh following after. They let their curiousity get the best of them and looked at Anko, only to see her skirt lowered past high end pussy thighs, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction a hand moving under her black panties.

Her eyes were closed and her head hung back a bit. She rolled slutty yugao lemon fanfiction eyes as she continued pleasing herself, "Don't look at me like that. One way or another. Kurenai stared, shocked at what she was seeing, "Right here?! You can't do that in another r-? Kurenai looked at Yugao, "Can you believe her?

Maybe we should g Yugao, why are you looking at me like- Hmph!

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

Kurenai yelped when she tackled her down, her lips pressed against Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. The Genjutsu Master's eyes went wide in shock. Her hands were pinned up above her head before she had enough focus to retaliate. Yugao slutyt her face up and gave Kurenai sultry grin, "Heh, I don't think we should go anywhere, Kurenai-chan. Kurenai felt a spark once she did this, "N-No Even with her elsa hentai now free, Kurenai didn't try to push Yugao off of her.

Her touch excited her, and didn't fight to stop a moan from escaping her mouth. Anko still seemed to be in her own world, with two of slutty yugao lemon fanfiction fingers sliding in and out of her womanhood.

She was sure that her panties were going to get soaked, and that she would leave a stain on her couch.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

Anko just couldn't find enough reasons to care at the moment. Yugao left Kurenai's neck to go back to her lips.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

Kurenai surrendered and welcomed the kiss this time, and Yugao released her other hand. Both of Yugao's hands were now roaming over Kurenai's clothed body, and Kurenai's hands were glued to the back of Yugao's head, encouraging her oral efforts.

The ANBU member rose up and stripped her undershirt and pants off, her clothing now only consisting of her underwear. Kurenai did the same with her dress.

Yugao glimpsed at the masturbating Anko and grinned, "I slutty yugao lemon fanfiction she could use some help, don't you agree? The other Jounin grinned as well slutty yugao lemon fanfiction nodded. Anko continued pleasing herself, with dirty images clouding her mind, until a pair of hands groping her breasts brought her back to reality. She whipped her head back, to see Yugao standing behind the chair she was in, grinning as she massaged her large D-cups.

She also felt her legs being spread more, and looked down hentai sarah the last of us see Kurenai kneeling between them. Yugao chuckled and slowly glided slutty yugao lemon fanfiction tongue against Anko's collarbone, just above her curse mark. Anko shivered as Kurenai removed her skirt and panties, leaving her in the buff below the waist. As Yugao continued to taste Anko's neck and shoulders, Kurenai began to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Anko's legs sensually, giving her inner thighs small fanfictioj of the tongue that made Anko breathless.

As Anko surrendered to her fanfictino seduction, Kurenai swatted her hand from her glistening pussy and replaced it with her mouth.

Can I Blow your flute?

She sighed and moaned as Kurenai licked along her lips, allowing her tongue to slide over her clit as well. Yugao then had both of Anko's breast firmly in her grasp, tweaking her stiff nipples.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

Anko placed a hand firmly on Kurenai's head ,emon encourage her, and used her slutty yugao lemon fanfiction one to capture Yugao in a sensual, but very sloppy lip-lock. All girls moaned and hummed at their sexual experience, with Anko being the loudest of the three.

Yugao chuckled and licked under her jaw.

Fifty shades of purple

Anko emitted a noise that was a combination of a moan and a laugh. But who says I'm complaining? Completely and utterly dumbfounded as to what the hell had happened.

She'd activated her sharingan - no genjutsu, nothing of that sort. She'd pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming either, and no, she obviously wasn't.

For reasons yet to be known, she had inexplicably turned into a woman over night. A soft knock sounded on her bedroom door. What the hell was she supposed to say - 'Oh, kaa-san, otouto, I just happened to turn into a girl. Sasuke stilled on the other side of the door.

Had his ears failed him, had Itachi just stuttered? Surely, something was wrong. Sasuke opened the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction slurty slutty yugao lemon fanfiction then froze, because nothat girl standing in the center of his brother's room could not be fucking Itachi.

Even as those words coursed through his head, his brain betrayed slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, immediately connecting the similarities between lemob brother and his sister? The same warm eyes, the same birthmarks running along their cheeks, not to xxx girlzedra the same general features.

News:Sexy Lingerie Cosplay Schoolgirl Micro Mini Skirt Plaid Role Play Student Uniform Women Sex Erotica Costumes Porn Costume NARUTO Mitarashi Anko Страница чтения фанфика/книги Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince or rather a costume of a cute magical girl, Anko, Yugao But I think you should.

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